Psychology – Anger healthy

book cover

The real power in politics lies with the corporate lobbyists – Resurgence & ecologist

What is your relationship with your instincts?

color the fruit – Moige

Noir – La Stampa

Phishing – Panorama Economy

live badly old age – Il Venerdì di Repubblica

The future of the world – Il Venerdì di Repubblica

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social status and good manners – Il Venerdì di Repubblica

We’ll take pictures of our dreams

il venerdì di repubblica - annual illustratori italiani 2013

Love match

Infotropic Media

book cover, Russia

auto ibride – hybrid car

il venerdi di repubblica  

beyond the line

Luiss Business School - brochure

above the line

I maghi della genetica – wizards of genetics

Il Venerdi di Repubblica

tee-sign.it – T shirt and giclèe print

La Stampa – Amemì, cover Mondadori

take care yourself, 2010

I like bike

giclèe print

cover book Salani

dejection – DPI magazine 2010

ancestral fears – DPI magazine 2010

good crop

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listen to yourself

autostima – self-esteem