on line interview for KAK.RU by Olga Kalinkina


When we decided, me and Patrizia, that works with me, to move from the
centre of Rome to the country near the seaside, one only think was certain:
we needed more place. In the studio and around.
I really desired to see tree, grass and sky around. I was really exaust
with traffic, smog, bad smell, and aving around plenty of people always
angry and sad.
We installed here in 1999 since thereafter I never regretted my choice.
My work is changed since than, everything go mainly on the internet, you don’t
really need to be somewhere. Now it happen that someone call at the phone
or, more often, write an email(even from Russia or Usa), asking for some
illustrations; when the illustration is ready I send it to my client by
mail: that’s all!
Is not so frequent that people came to my studio. The graphic job today don’t live many time to human relations.
More often art directors or graphic designer go to my website, when they need to see more examples of illustrations, or even my face. (and after they ask for an illustration, in the generality for that same day)
Other times can arrive here a graphic designer or an editor who love to see the original works and is planning to start with a major initiative, in that case is important to meet each others, to look in the face. Often I go to their offices.
Some time is someone projecting an esibition that came here to chose the pictures.
More often are friends of mine (graphic design , collegue or editor also) that pay a visit. Who every day come to see me at works are my two daugthers.
In my studio there are all my thing, the important ones.
I love being surrounded with my paintings hung to the wall. They are my
inner image, my feelings, my subconcious. I need to look at them, to have them in sight.
Following my character i’m not fond to any object; but I’m very attached to my saxophone, it is being with me for 20 years, I play it every day and I’m very fond of it. Another object of affection are my books of art, I’ve ones on all my best loved painter and illustrator and on the best works in graphic too. They are very important to me and I look at them whenever I can.
What I really can’t live without are my “Windows to the world”: First of all my computer and Internet of course. The first thing I do when arriving at studio in the morning is to switch on my computer connect to the web and look around: reed my messages, give a look to the webcam on the seaside near my home, take a tour around.
the radio is important too, to put me in contact with people talking about books or film or other items.
The places favourite are my drawing-board and my computer.
Is there that, once I’ve found the idea, the image, a right solution for the illustration I’m working on, is there that I have my best time in realizing it. Is the phase of the work I prefer, to be carried away in the painting by your thought-stream.

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